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Why Eurovision: A Hobby, A Passion, And Some GIFs
Emily Herbert, Only-Eurovision

There's a thriving community of Eurovision fans out on Tumblr and Twitter, including the 'next generation' who are just discovering the Contest in the last few years. One of the passionate voices is singer and dancer Emily Herbert. Keeping an eye on the Song Contest world at Only-Eurovision, the question to the teenage Contest fan, as always, is "Why Eurovision?"

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Why Eurovision? It Is Music For Everyone
Jouni Phikakorpi, OGAE Finland

Jouni Pihkakorpi is the President of OGAE Finland, and has been following the Contest since the days of Katie Boyle hosting in Brighton, Olivia Newton-John flying an Australian flag, and Italy throwing their toys out of the pram because of 'Si'. So Jouni seems the perfect person to ask our traditional question... 'Why Eurovision'?

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Why Eurovision? A Hidden Secret And A Love Of Musical Theatre
Ben Robertson

Continuing our series looking at how people discovered the Eurovision Song Contest and their continuing relationship with Europe's Favourite TV Show, it's the turn of ESC Insight's very own Ben Robertson. Editing our weekly newsletter, Ben, you have the page, the question is... 'Why Eurovision?'

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Why Eurovision? It’s Wild, Rebellious, and Dana Was Very Sophisticated
Roy Delaney

Friend of the Parish Roy Delaney loves this time of year. Anyone who loves the sheer joy of the 'not quite up to standard' songs that crash theNational Finals, the curious slices of promotional video, and a bit of nude-nudge wink-wink gossip will already be following Delaney's blog Eurovision Apocalypse. But we have a question for the Bristol based clone of Insight's Editor... "Roy, Why Eurovision?"

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What Is This Eurobash Thing Anyway?
Paul Marks-Jones, OGAE Uk President

This weekend is the annual Eurobash organised by the Eurovision Fan Club, OGAE. ESC Insight will be there, but to explain a little bit more about the event, we've invited UK President Paul Marks-Jones to explain.

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