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Continuing the Search for Eurovision Perfection, #30 to #21

The 4th part of our countdown of the top 100 songs of all Eurovision Songs. This week, we hit the top 30, taking us down to number 21 and a few others chucked in for good measure.

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Continuing the search for Eurovision Perfection, #40 to #31
Jessica Garlick

The third instalment of our All-Time Euro Top 100 chart. Together with a few stragglers that didn't quite do the trick.

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Counting Down To Eurovision Perfection: #50 – #41
Lenny Kuhr

Continuing our look at the discography of the Eurovision Song Contest in our quest to find the perfect song, Steven Newby not only takes in the songs at #50-#41, but looks at the lower reaches of the charts for the songs that didn't make it. Who do you think will be the lowest scoring song of Eurovision history?

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Counting Down To Eurovision Perfection: #100 – #51

With seven weeks until we jet off to the coast of the Caspian Sea, wouldn't it be a nice idea to do something unique, that has never been tried before... a retrospective on the last fifty six editions of ‘Europe’s Favourite Television Show’. Relax, though, there's a new angle that tells us something new about the Contest. Which song is closest to perfection?

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