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Eurovision 2010 Podcast: All About Political Voting

There’s a lot of complex issues behind the two words of political voting, and it’s this area that is explored in the latest Short Guide to Eurovision.

Eurovision 2010 Podcast: Scoring, Voting and Douze Points

A look at how the scoring works in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, and what 50% Jury and 50% public actually means

Eurovision 2010 Podcast: What the rulebook says about the songs

A look at the rules of Eurovision, focussing on the rules about the song each country can enter.

Eurovision 2010 Podcast: An Introduction to Eurovision

A quick audio introduction to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Probably the Fairytale with the happiest ending in the world

Is Alexander Rybak more than jaunty violins and fluffy songs of princesses and true love? Yes, but only on side two of his debut album, Fairytales.

Taking a deeper look at Eurovision

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