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Eurovision Insight Podcast: Smile Aurela Gace, you’re the one

This week’s news on the ESC Insight podcast, with two more confirmed countries coming to Germay. Albania selects their representative, Aurela Gace, while Yohanna returns for the Icelandic National Final. With music from the Ukraine’s Jamala singing “Smile”

The World Needs Heroes, will Terasbetoni do?

Three minutes might not have been enough for Europe to love Terasbetoni, but give their fourth studio album enough time and you’re sure to fall in love with the power-metal band from Finland.

Nine ways to really enjoy Eurovision and the Eurovision Song Contest online

Much as we love your company here at ESC Insight, the internet is full of Eurovision fans and friends. We all love the Song Contest, so where else can you get your fix of douze points online?

Nul Points! The Eurovision Quiz Show

Points for punditry? Tell us something quite interesting? Join host Ewan Spence for a Christmas Special on the podcast as our pundits David Elder, Elaine Dove, Ross Tillbrook and Danny Lynch play “Nul Point!” – the Eurovision Song Contest panel show.

From Russia, with love (and some money)

It’s already a turning point in Eurovision history, so join us as we recall Moscow’s staging of the 2009 Song Contest, dubbed by Graham Norton as “the Beijing Olympics of Eurovision”. What a contest it was, with politics, intrigue, protests, a river of cash, Vladimir Putin… And Paul Jordan.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Three hosts, two finals and a banjo

This week’s news, including news on our hosts for Düsseldorf, national final plans from around Europe, a call for songs for Armenia, and all those not quite disqualifications from Estonia’s National Final. With music from Latvia’s Lauris Reiniks.

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