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Meet the Eurovision Fans: Liam Clark

Kicking off a new feature, we meet fans from around the world to ask about their motivations, their love and their greatest moments of Eurovision. Today, we ask Liam Clark, of ESC Daily, how and why he has become a fan of the Song Contest, and how he has become further entangled in the world of Eurovision.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Ultimate Juke Box Jury Heat 5

Norway 1985, Ireland 1996, Ukraine 2008 and France 1969 stand before Paul Jordan and Colin McKnight in the next heat of Ultimate Juke Box Jury.

The passion and the performance of Darts and Eurovision

What happens when passions are high, the smell of competition is in the air, yet your Contest is ignored by everyone for something more worthy? Take two of Elaine Dove’s passions, Darts and Eurovision (Surprisingly, they do have a lot in common),the former could teach the latter a few tricks in getting the UK public back on board and supporting their country in Europe’s Favourite TV Show.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Slovakia changes its mind, not Turkey

This weeks news, with Slovakia changing their mind (again), Sweden changing the Melodifestivalen voting rules, Ireland potentially change just the first name, and Turkey definitely not changing their mind. With music from Yuksek Sadakat.

More than 100 Eurovision websites, links and online resources

Where do you go for your Eurovision fix online? Our “Nine ways to enjoy the Song Contest” only touched on a handful of websites – now it’s time to take a seriously in-depth look at the fabric of Eurovision online. Because in-depth is what we do at ESC Insight, and sharing the love of the Song Contest is why we’re here…

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Ultimate Juke Box Jury Heat 4

Sweden 1999, Luxemburg 1961, Ireland 1970 and Denmark 2000 are in Heat 4 of Ultimate Juke Box Jury. With Ben Morris and Donald McNaughton on the judicial bench, and hosted by Ewan Spence.

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