Spotter’s Guide: Eurovision 2017 Semi Final Two
John P Lucas

Tonight, we finally complete the lineup for the Grand Final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, and after a predictably unpredictable set of results on Tuesday, nobody should be taking anything for granted…

Celebrate Diversity: When A Tagline Really Means Something

For the first time in years, foreign language features most heavily as the favourites of the contest. Keith Mills looks at how this years tagline of ‘Celebrate Diversity’ has been embraced by viewers and voters for Eurovision 2017.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Semi Final 2 Commentary 2017

This year’s journey continues with the second Semi Final. Share the moment with Ewan Spence and Lisa-Jayne Lewis in ESC Insight’s Alternative Commentary track for Thursday’s show from Kyiv.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Daily News From Kyiv, Thursday 11th May
ESC Insight 2012 Album Cover

Ewan Spence and Jon Jacob introduce another day of interviews, results, previews, and questions about the Eurovision Song Contest while Ellie Chalkley and Lisa-Jayne Lewis visit Chernobyl.

Eurovision in Ukraine: Imagery Telling The Story Of 2017

The power of storytelling can’t be underestimated at the Eurovision Song Contest. Sharleen Wright examines how Eurovision 2017 creates it’s own distinct narrative through imagery.

Dancing Naked Apes: Metaphoric Expression as Formula for Eurovision Victory
Francesco Gabbani

Gimmick, schtick or metaphor? John Egan looks at how metaphoric expression has, on occasion, been deployed successfully for Eurovision glory.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Daily News From Kyiv, Wednesday 10th May
ESC Insight 2012 Album Cover

Ewan Spence and Sharleen Wright introduce more interviews, results, previews, and Ellie Chalkley asks a question about the circus that is the Eurovision Song Contest in today’s Insight podcast.

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