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ESC Insight’s Musical Moments Of 2017: Part Two
The Kyiv Skyline (Thumb)

It’s been a pleasure to cover Eurovision for you all, and we’re ready to enjoy 2018. But first, a final chance to look back on 2017, as the ESC insight contributors and friends of the parish highlight their Musical Moments of the year (the editorial team covered their picks yesterday).

ESC Insight’s Musical Moments Of 2017: Part One
The Eurovision Song Contest Trophy

As another year comes to a close, its time for us here at ESC Insight, along with some friends of the parish, to look back through the musical tapestry of 2017 to bring you our favourite musical moments. Insight’s core team pick today, and our contributors will be here for part two tomorrow.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Albania Starts The Selections In Style
ESC Insight 2012 Album Cover

It’s your post-Christmas round up of Eurovision Song Contest news from Ewan Spence on the Insight News podcast. Listen to the latest names going to Lisbon, the excited entrants to the National Finals, what tickets are available, and some German stompy-folk-rock from voXXclub.

Ed Sheeran’s Perfect Strategy For The Eurovision Song Contest
Ed Sheeran, V Festival 2014, Chelmsford (cc Drew de F Fawkes)

Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ was a top 20 hit in March 2017, faded away, and then topped the charts nine months later as the Christmas Number One. Ewan Spence investigates the lessons from Ed Sheeran’s team that will be needed to win the Eurovision Song Contest.

Eurovision Newsletter, WithThe Only Festive Playlist You Need
John P Lucas

In the final ESC Insight newsletter of 2017, John Lucas rounds up the latest news from across the continent and presents the official ESC Insight Christmas Playlist…

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Eurovision Castaways, with Ellie Chalkley
Eurovision Castaways.

The ESC Insight crew are enjoying their last few days on Île de Bezençon before National Final season starts, revelling in their favourite Eurovision related songs and stories. In the last episode of this series, Ellie finally gets her chance to have her favourite Eurovision songs assessed. Stay up to date with the Eurovision Song Contest at

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