Spotter’s Guide To The Eurovision 2017 Grand Final
John P Lucas

With an unexpectedly tight race emerging, John Lucas presents a Spotter’s Guide to the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Grand Final.

Growing Gimmicks and Narratives –  Cutting Down The Tall Poppies

Can the drive to produce a great story to bring the Eurovision season to a rousing finish lead to a serious case of Tall Poppy Syndrome? Sharleen Wright thinks so.

Letters From Kyiv: Dear Inevitability…
Letters From Kyiv

Jon Jacob’s latest ‘Letter From Kyiv’ brings you Narrative Arcs, False Jeopardy and Lucie Jones in another ESC Insight podcast.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: In-Depth With Francesco Gabbani

Ellie Chalkley and Lisa-Jayne Lewis talk to Italy’s Francesco Gabbani about philosophy, spirituality, and the power of words in our final interview from Kyiv and Eurovision 2017.

Does Performing After An Advert Break Weaken Your Chances?

With an audience putting the kettle on, buying another pint or waiting in line for the toilet, it can be easy to see why performing after an advert break is a disadvantage. But is it? Ben Robertson does the maths so you don’t have to.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Daily News From Kyiv, Saturday 13th May
ESC Insight 2012 Album Cover

The Insight team and some close friends of the parish gather at a late night bar to talk over this year’s Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final. Raw, rough, unedited, and honest views as we get ready to crown the winner of the 62nd Contest.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Insight Asks Ola Melzig and Henric Von Zweigbergk

In the latest podcast, Ewan Spence talks to Eurovision 2017’s Head of Production Ola Melzig, and Senior Floor Manager Henric Von Zweigbergk (i.e. the guys that make everything work at the Eurovision Song Contest).

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