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Eurovision Insight Podcast: Grand Final Commentary 2018
ESC Insight 2012 Album Cover

The Grand Final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is here. It’s time to get #AllAboard one last time, with Ellie Chalkley, Ross Middleton, and Elaine O’Neill for ESC Insight’s Alternative Commentary track for the second semi-final from Lisbon’s Altice Arena.

The Country Town Thats #AllAboard For Eurovision
Mount Victoria (EBU)

Still stuck at home and missing her Eurovision family, ESC Insight writer Sharleen Wright, goes hunting for where the party is in Australia.

The ESC Insight’s Spotter’s Guide To Eurovision 2018’s Grand Final
Italy | Eurovision 2018 | Grand Final

Musical mash-ups, emotional highs and a genuinely nailbiting voting sequence. John Lucas presents a guide to what you can expect from the Grand Final of Eurovision 2018…

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Daily News From Lisbon, Saturday 12th May

It’s the last night before we find out who wins Eurovision 2018 and Ellie Chalkley has taken the podcast out on the town. We’re in the glamorous surroundings of Lisbon’s Euroclub asking one question – who do you think is going to win?

Monsters, Metaphors and Military Chic: Saara Aalto on Stage and the Queer Politics of Kitsch
Saara Aalto, Eurovision 2018 (Andreas Putting/EBU)

What’s going on with Saara Aalto’s ‘Monsters’? Is there more to the staging than a kitchen sink approach? Catherine Baker takes a closer look at this year’s Finnish entry to discover what the visuals are saying.

Eurovision’s Second Rule Of Momentum – Grand Final Voting, First The Jury Then The Public

The way results have been reported since 2016 has changed—improved it, many would agree—the Grand Final experience for viewers. John Egan takes a look at how what happens as the jury scores come in that might portend who the ultimate winner will be.

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