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Nul Points! The Eurovision Quiz Show

How much about Eurovision do our Juke Box Jury judges actually know? Ewan Spence quizzes Elaine Dove, David Elder, Danny Lynch and Ross Tillbrook in this month’s “Nul Points!” – the Eurovision Song Contest panel show – to find out.

What is Schlager, and is there an Ultimate Schlager Song?

If there’s one genre of music that you expect from Eurovision, it’s schlager, the high energy, adrenaline infused, dancefloor filling pop sound that crops up in every contest. To find out more about Schalger though, we needed some experts to talk us through what it really means, and if any one song typifies the look. Step forward the Schlagerboys..

The special relationship: Australia and its love of Eurovision

As you sit down to watch the Eurovision Song Contest every year, do you ever wonder why the hosts, despite the tens of countries and the millions tuning in across Europe, always give a special hello to Australia? Why is there is always at least one crazy fan in the audience brandishing an inflatable kangaroo or an Australian flag?

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Hello, this is Swindon calling…

Bringing you up to date with results from Croatia, Finland, Norway and Iceland, a little puzzle about the Düsseldorf accommodation and the amazing update from Slovakia. With a surprise appearance from the Swindon jury and music from Nadine Beiler.

This Eurovision Gig Won’t Kill Ovi’s Career

If Billy Joel ever did the Eurovision Song Contest, he’d sound a lot like Ovi. From the catchy mind that brought you Playing with Fire comes a debut album packed with a delicate touch and a lot of promise.

Meet the fans: Hassan Yusuf

TV fans with sharp eyes may have spotted a certain Hassan Yusuf in the audience at Eurovision. Maybe you don’t know the name, but you know the tailored Union Jack suit. It’s not only perfect visual material for the cameras, but also shows how dedicated Hass is to Eurovision. But go behind the screen, and what do you find? It’s time to meet another fan…

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