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Eurovision, the Superbowl of Song

This weekend over one hundred million fans will sit down in front of their TV’s, food at the ready, a party atmosphere in the air, and all to watch a stadium based show, from a single city, that gets beamed around the world. It could be the Superbowl (106 million viewers) or Eurovision (125 million viewers), but for those competing, they both are the pinnacle of their careers.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Ultimate Juke Box Jury Heat 7

The choice facing the judges today are Germany 1982, The Netherlands 1957, Finland 2006 or Ireland 1994. Who will Paul Jordan and Steven Newby send through?

It’s Melodifestivalen time! Let’s get the party started!
Melodifestivalen 2008

The Swedish national finals for Eurovision, Melodifestivalen, demands almost as much attention as the Song Contest itself. With this year’s contest starting on Saturday, ESC Insight gets the party started with a selection of some classics from the past three years!

Will the bidding start when a country can’t host Eurovision?

What happens when a country wins Eurovision but can’t host the contest? Thankfully we have both history and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest to show us the way, but perhaps it’s not as complicated as that? Ewan Spence takes a look at what might happen.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Noel Coward and the Missing Stage

Are Slovakia still in Eurovision? Will Norway get their missing stage back? Who are “Blue” anyway? When’s the next national final going to be? What’s happening with Iceland and “Afur Heim”? And will there be another dig at the German National Final? All that and more, plus music from Stella Mwangi.

Meet the Eurovision Fans: Phil Colclough

This week’s fan is the man behind On Europe, one of the longer running blogs about the Song Contest. Looking to have fun as well as provide timely results, unbiased views, and some great multimedia from the rehearsals, Phil Colclough sits down to talk about his Eurovision with us.

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