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National Finals through the Looking Glass

Paul Jordan takes a look at the two types of Eurovision national Final. Which is better, the ones that look inward for good music or ones that look to send a “Eurovision” song. There’s only one way to find out…

Eurovision Insight Podcast: It’s the Ukrainian National Final… take 2!

Looking back at this week’s news, with the results of Super Saturday, more internal selections made public, and who knows what’s going on with Ukraine. With music from Niki Ponte.

And the Ukrainian winner is… [updated]

It seems to be a Eurovision tradition that the Ukranian final is nowhere near being the final word on the matter. This year is no different, as Sharleen takes a look at the issue of multiple voting in the recent National Final, and how it has had a direct impact on who sings for Ukraine.

Nul Points! The Eurovision Quiz Show

How much do the judges really know about Eurovision? Danny Lynch, Colin McKnight, Steven Newby and Paul Jordan face Ewan Spence in a quiz show that’s worth a little more than Nul Points!

Super Saturday National Final Form Guide (26th February)

The big one is upon us – Super Saturday 2011 #2, when Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Estonia, Serbia and Denmark all decide who should shine on stage for their country at Eurovision 2011. ESC Insight co-editor Sharleen Wright takes a stab at predicting once again, and she’s certain we are onto a bunch of winners for this Super Saturday! Do we have a potential Eurovision 2011 winner in our midst or have we got it all wrong?

Danny’s Secret Diary: At the Melodi Grand Prix

Juke Box Jury Judge Danny Lynch is racking up the air miles as he bounces around Europe’s National Finals, with just a keyboard to keep him company… and a note from the ESC Insight team asking if he wouldn’t mind writing about his experiences.

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