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Eurovision for the un-accredited

As the Eurovision events in Dusseldorf kick off this weekend, many of those there for the whole two “Euroweeks” will be tied up writing and provide coverage of the rehearsals, press conferences and parties. However just as many people do not get such a privilege. So what is there to actually do in Dusseldorf? ESC Insight lets you in on where the fun is to be had…

Eurovision Insight Podcast: The passports and tickets are ready.

It’s the last weekly news round-up before ESC Insight set up the studio in Dusseldorf next week, with news of live shows, documentaries, commentators and music from Kati Wolf.

Win, Lose or Draw

With 25 countires set to sing in the Saturday night final this year, that means they all have the best chance of winning? As keen Song Contest watchers know, not every place in the running order is equal. Eurovision historian John Kennedy O’Connor investigates.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Juke Box Jury 2011 #6

San Marino, Moldova, Estonia, Slovakia and Russia face judges Elaine Dove and Paul Jordan.

The ESC Insight Tourist Guide to Dusseldorf

For many, this will be the first and possibly once in a lifetime trip to see the German city, so why not try a little local culture beyond Eurovision? ESC Insight points out just a few of the things you can do in the host city next month…

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Taking over the airwaves

The latest Eurovision news from around the continent, with preview shows, TV specials, film premieres and music from Amaury Vassili.

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