Eurovision Insight Podcast: In-depth With SVT’s Edward af Sillén
Edward af Sillén

Just before Eurovision 2016's Grand Final, Ewan Spence sat down with scriptwriter and lyricist Edward as Sillén for an in-depth Insight podcast. He's been behind many of the jokes at Melodifestivalen, scripted the last two Swedish Eurovisions, was one of the creative forces behind 'Love Love Peace Peace', and doesn't want to get stuck in a lift with Chevvy Chase.

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Eurovision Insight Podcast: In-depth With The BBC’s Guy Freeman

Guy Freeman is now in his third year as the Head of Delegation for the UK. With a return to a national selection show, more input from the music industry, and the lessons from Molly and Electro Velvet, how is the BBC addressing the long term health of Eurovision? Ewan Spence asks the questions in another In-depth Insight podcast.

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Eurovision Insight Podcast: In-Depth With UK Music Consultant Hugh Goldsmith
ESC In Depth Insight Album Cover Icon

Hugh Goldsmith - former MD of RCA and founder of Innocent Records - supported this year's selection process for the BBC's Eurovision entry. Ewan Spence sits down with him to talk about his career, fan databases, the cheapest music video in the world, and this year's entry at Eurovision for the United Kingdom.

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Eurovision Insight Podcast: In-Depth With ESC 2015 Scriptwriter Gregor Barcal
Gregor Barcal, ORF

Gregor Barcal is the Creative Producer and Script Writer of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. Ewan Spence spends an hour with one of the driving forces behind this year's show to find out more about his career, how ESC is created, and if there are any rhyming couplets planned ...

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Eurovision Insight Podcast: In-Depth With Electro Velvet
Electro Velvet

Alex Larke and Bianca Nicholas, better known to Eurovision fans as Electro Velvet, will represent the United Kingdom at the 2015 Song Contest with 'Still In Love With You'. In another In-Depth Insight, Ewan Spence meets them ahead of the trip to Vienna to talk about their careers, the song, and finishing last.

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