Eurovision Insight Buscast: The Aftermath of Semi-Final 1
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It's a warm and jolly welcome back after almost four years to the ESC Insight Buscast! Full of the free flowing opinions you know and love from ESC Insight and our online friends, but with a touch of after-show adrenaline, sleep deprivation, and general high-jinks.

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Eurovision Insight Podcast: Daily Chat from Copenhagen, Tuesday 6th May
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Not long to go now, so it's time to preview tonight's semi-final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with a look back at the performances from the countries in last night's jury show. With fifty per cent of the vote still in play, who has damaged their chances, who has to step up a gear tonight, and who really should have known better to appeal a lighting issue?

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Eurovision Insight Podcast: Semi Final 1 Commentary 2014
Ewan Spence, commentating for Eurovision

Ewan Spence is once more joined at microphone by Luke Fisher for this year's ESC Insight Alternative Commentary. It’s the first semi final of Eurovision 2014 – you should start playing the podcast before the show starts, and when the countries sing, the podcast beeps, so pause until the end of the song.

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Eurovision Insight Podcast: Daily Chat from Copenhagen, Monday 5th May
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Recapping the BIg Five's first technical rehearsal, alongside hosts Denmark, on the daily podcast. With Samantha Ross and Steven Newby (ESC Insight), Benny Royston (Metro), and Paul Jordan (Dr Eurovision).

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Eurovision Insight Podcast: In-depth with Pollaponk
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One of the most colourful bands on stage at Eurovision this year is Iceland's Pollaponk, with their message song of 'No Prejudice'. ESC Insight sat down with them to talk in-depth about their work their careers, and the Icelandic music scene in our latest in-depth podcast.

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