The Conclusions to Voting Insight: How to Further Improve the Eurovision Song Contest
Ben Robertson

After a summer of analysis looking through all the cracks in the voting of Eurovision 2014, Ben Robertson publishes his conclusions on what the statistics tells him will improve the Eurovision Song Contest in the future

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Voting Insight: Would Alternative Voting Systems Change Eurovision 2014?
At least we weren't doing all of the maths by hand

As an aside from the serious natures of our previous editions of Voting Insight, we now take a look at what might have been in Eurovision 2014. Using the data as provided by the EBU we are able to create hypothetical situations and different results based on what we can deduce and assume from the results.

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Voting Insight: How Strong Is Jury Voter Collusion?
The year before Ralph's first Eurovision entry, each jury member voted live on screen

The similarity of voting patterns between jury members from the same country has concerned many watching this year's Eurovision Song Contest, with the EBU forced to disqualify Georgia's jury from the results. Ben Robertson investigates how significant the voting correlations are between different countries and why this may occur.

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Voting Insight: Ages, Gender and Professions in the 2014 Juries
Poland Slavic Girls Icon (picture: Ewan Spence)

Ben Robertson continues to look through the results from the juries at Eurovision 2014. This week he looks at the issues of gender, age, and profession, to find out if these are significant factors in how they cast their votes.

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Voting Insight: The Impact Of Running Order On Eurovision 2014
Jon Ola Sand Live (ESC 2014 Broadcast)

For Episode Two of ‘Voting Insight’ we analyse the impact of running order in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. This analysis looks to see if Jon Ola Sand is correct with his statement that ‘there is no significant statistical impact of the running order on the result’ and furthermore compare this impact for both juries and televoters. Ben Robertson investigates.

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