Eurovision 2017’s Semi-Final Draw: Has The Pot System Worked?
John Egan (by Gabrel Lascu)

For those relatively new to the world’s favourite Song Contest, there was a time when the semi-final qualification seemed like it would be the end of Eurovision. Beginning with its introduction in Istanbul 2004, it was readily apparent that countries without several ‘friends’—whether through linguistic and geographic neighbours, former co-citizens in now collapsed federations, or with […]

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Is A Super Final The Answer For Your Eurovision National Final?

Super Finals creating an exciting end to many National Finals, as we all vote for a winner between the top entries. But does this extra round of voting help pick the best song? Ben Robertson investigates.

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How Do You Solve A Problem Like The San Marino Televote?

How was San Marino's televote calculated for the 2016 Song Contest? Why was the EBU solution unfair? Ellie Chalkley and Ben Robertson investigate.

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Junior Eurovision Voting Insight: Learning From A New Voting System

With a brand new voting system on show at Junior Eurovision, Ben Robertson analyses what happened in the results and how these results could teach us about how the bigger Eurovision Song Contest voting needs to change.

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Did Stalin Win The Eurovision Song Contest For Ukraine?

Jamala's '1944' won the Eurovision Song Contest for Ukraine, but she had help from history. John Egan tests his hypothesis that the continent-wide anti-Stalin vote was enough to push Ukraine towards victory.

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