Taste Test: Hopes and Fears of Junior Eurovision Newbies

Junior Eurovision newbies Ellie Chalkley and Ross Middleton got together to talk through their issues, prepare to appreciate young people's pop music and plan a very exciting party menu.

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Your Junior Eurovision 2017 Guidebook Is Now Available

The final artist and song has just been announced so now we have this year’s unofficial guide book ready for you   to download. Chock-full of information on this year’s artists, songs, National Selections, and each nation’s history at Junior Eurovision, this free, downloadable eBook (available in PDF format) is a fantastic resource to have at your […]

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Junior Eurovision’s Misguided Adventure With Online Voting

Junior Eurovision 2016 will allow the public to vote online as part of the classic 50/50 voting split that will decide the winner. Ewan Spence takes a closer look at the EBU's chosen method and how it unbalances the Contest away from the live performances.

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Lisbon Talks Eurovision Seashells, Nautical Slogans, and Ticket Sales

In July 2017, Portuguese broadcaster RTP. announced the venue and dates for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Four months later Keith Mills looks at how the plans for the event are progressing.

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Upcycling At The Eurovision Song Contest: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Local Music Industry

They are up against some of the largest music markets in the world competing, so how can smaller countries find success in the modern Eurovision Song Contest? John Egan goes through the musical DNA of Moldova and Iceland in search of answers.

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