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The Eurovision List: The news that's making waves on Monday Written by on May 14, 2012

Time to round up the stories that have caught our eye in the last twenty four hours of The Eurovision Song Contest. From power and odds, to charts, from on the ground in the press centre and arena rehearsals, to out in the parties and the streets, we are looking for the news – this is your snack sized view of Baku.

If you’ve a story for The List, then get in touch and we’ll take a look.

Jedward (almost) set fire to the Land of Fire

As part of their first press conference, Jedward decided to go with a popcorn theme – both resplendent in popcorn box decorated suits and showered the press with actual popcorn.  Not only did they leave the press room in rather mess, they almost set fire to their own hotel room by preparing 10 bags of popcorn for the special occasion.

Grading Eurovision on a really complicated graph.

Congrats to Matt and Tim for the best score chart we’ve yet seen for the 2012 songs – the Eurovision Grading Board (Twitter pic)

Trust Nobody.

Long time Eurovision fan and commentator, Tobias Larsson, voices the thoughts of everyone – forget all the rehearsal coverage and trust only your own eyes. “Not that I am better or smarter or have a better ear for music (certainly not!) but I’m not worse at predicting compared to anyone else I know.”

Tobson in Euroland.

Against the Odds.

Larsson may be right, but that doesn’t stop the bookies taking the fans money as they change their minds after the first semi-final rehearsals. Russia, Denmark, and Iceland are currently the top three in the betting to qualify for the Saturday night show, with Israel and Switzerland on the bubble to qualify 10th and 11th.


Memories of Intervision from BBC News.

Steve Rosenberg quickly runs though the Cold War Challenger to Eurovision – the Intervision Song Contest, with musical highlights, memories, and challenges. Starting with the background of Sopot, it charts the history through to the end of the Contest.

More at the BBC.

Power to all our Friends.

The generators in Baku have been turned up to eleven (reports as power company Bakielektrikshebeke ensures the Contest has all the electrons it needs. “The main purpose of the enhanced mode of operation is to provide Baku Crystal Hall, conference room, the Heydar Aliyev International Airport, railway station, the Heydar Aliyev sports and concert complex… with a high level of energy supply.”


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