Newsletter: To Kazakhstan And Beyond
Ben Robertson

We have one artist for Kyiv, many more for Valletta and selections opening up across Europe! The newsletter reviews them all and assesses how the impact of changing rules on Associate member entry into Eurovision may change the future of Eurovision.

Improving ESC Buzz So You Never Miss A Eurovision Headline
ESC Buzz

Our sister site ESC Buzz has seen a major update this week to help you find all the news about the Eurovision Song Contest as quickly as possible. Ewan Spence talks about the changes.

Against The Odds: Rob Furber’s Guide To Eurovision Betting

One of the biggest influences on the Eurovision Song Contest over the last few years has been the rising of the various betting markets involved in the competition. Not only can you follow the Contest, you can make money from it as well. Guest writer Rob Furber looks at the rise of Eurovision betting, and how you can get started.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Leaving The Nest
ESC Insight 2012 Album Cover

More countries have entered 2017 Contest, most songs are revealed for the 2016 Junior Contest, and the Netherlands keeps us guessing. Catch up on the weekly news from the Eurovision Song Contest with Ewan Spence, plus music from O’G3ne.

Eurovision’s Tight Schedule: Should Host Cities Get Two Years To Prepare?

As this summer has shown, it takes time to get everything ready to host the Eurovision Song Contest. From organising internal bids and finding free time in venue schedules, to arranging extra-curricular events and filling in all the government forms, a winning broadcaster has around fifty weeks before the Contest arrives on its doorstep to get everything ready. Sharleen Wright looks at the idea of giving host cities an extra year to organise Eurovision.

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