Eurovision Insight Podcast: Juke Box Jury #2
Juke Box Jury 2017 Album

Recorded at SXSW 2017, Ewan Spence is joined by Kristy Duncan, Ray Seggern, and Mel Brown for Juke Box Jury Live. A collection of hits, misses, and maybes await Germany, Australia, Moldova, Georgia, and Cyprus.

Maintaining Trust In The Eurovision Voting System
Roy Delaney

There have long been rumours of multiple simcards, friendly call centres and dodgy backroom jury arrangements. But in an increasingly corruptible world, how can we be sure that our winner is genuinely the continent’s favourite song? Roy Delaney explores the possible new futures for Eurovision voting.

Newsletter: Countdown to Kyiv…
John P Lucas

Welcome to the latest edition of the ESC Insight newsletter. This week, important revelations from the Kyiv Head of Delegation meeting, the return of a (very) familiar face for San Marino, and another round of Ask The ESC Insight Team…

Who Should Win When Televoters And Juries Collide?

In the battle to accommodate popular trends and artistic power, the National Finals (and Eurovision itself) balances the televote with a jury component. What happens when these disagree? John Egan looks back through the 2017 National Finals to find out.

Announcing ‘Juke Box Jury Live’ At SXSW 2017
Ewan Spence, commentating for Eurovision

ESC Insight announces a very special Juke Box Jury, to be recorded in front of a live audience at the world-famous South by Southwest Music Festival.

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